Review: Too Left 2 Be Right – SOS Mall

Too Left 2 Be Right formed in Rome in 2012 and within the first few months released EP Life, Music and OToo left 2 be rightther Funny Tragedies This was well received by their peers which gave them strength to evolve, grow and offer something different. This eclectic band has put together their first full length album, SOS Mall via Sliptrick Reco.

TL2BR…oh sorry, that is an abbreviation of Too Left 2 Be Right, I hope you don’t mind me doing that as I love an abbreviation. Anyway, they have been likened to bands from the wonderful 90s era of music, such as Faith No More, Rage against the Machine and Primus, some big names right there. Whenever I hear who a band are likened to I get scared, especially if those bands are world renowned.

SOS Mall starts off with an electronic beat which sounds like a kazoo being played by the Dark Lord, welcome to “Sound of Chains” it shows that PieX, vocalist and sampler has a style of a certain Mr Mike Patton. “Number Than Me” gives a sound of a possible glockenspiel at the beginning, until a good crunching guitar riff kicks in by Fabrizio Sclano along with PieX delicately flows in a ballad to the mix.

“New Device” is a cool funk track giving Fabrizo the chance to show off his cutting guitar and Mauro Borioni on drums keeping the beat steady as they go. “If You Want” gets the steam off your glasses with an introduction of Korn’s “Faget” instrumental approach.

Hearing the first few tracks is a mixture of metal, punk, Electronic and the taste of Funk. “Keep my Colours” is a lighter in the air tune and shows another side to vocalist PieX. These guys are not afraid to try something new. The entire concept of this album brings up many influences and in “Keep my Colours” there’s a bit of Manic Street Preachers.

In “Drunk Designer” we have the highlight of the album, in this one there’s a nice little surprise with a duelling banjo’s concept that reminded me of the Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance, and a middle that gives us a Primus influenced tune. “Killer Application” slows the mood down, but the vocals are not for a mood setting environment.

This 10 track album shows this listener TL2BR have plenty of potential and lyrics such as “I want to take control of my life” which they announce in penultimate track “Cloud Fighter”. SOS Mall finishes with an electronic track that reminds me of song that it is playing on my mind. You know one of those songs that’s on the tip of your tongue, but you cannot sing it, or hum the tune, you just cannot do it. Well “Cloud Fighter” done this to me.

SOS Mall is a good introduction to these talented four guys, a sound that implores change in its tracks and shows diversity that would make the equality act of 2010 legislators stand and applaud.

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