Review: Tequila Mockingbyrd – “Fight and Flight”

Tequila Mockingbyrd - Fight and FlightThere must be something in Australia’s water to produce so many great rock bands. From Rose Tattoo to  AC/DC, The Screaming Jets to Kings of the Sun, Airbourne to Hell City Glamours etc… We can now add Tequila Mockingbyrd to the above list of must-listen-to Aussie bands. They are touring the UK this year. Check the album out and go see them live you will not be disappointed.

Talking of the album, here we go. Fight and Flight was due to be released on July 8th, but has been put back to an as-yet unspecified date. Unless you’re in Australia where you can pick it up easily enough!

I Smell Rock n Roll – The first track on the album, I caught sight of this foot stomper on Spotify this morning and had it on repeat immediately. Estelle’s guitar kicks in straight away with Jess’s bass & Josie’s drums pounding away and straight away my feet started tapping and the head began to nod, a sure sign we are listening to something special. What an opener from the girls, it’s like a mash up of The Amorettes, The Pretty Reckless, Thundermother with a sprinkling of Airbourne but Estelle’s voice is different enough to cut through said similarities.

Never Go Home – Supposedly written after one of the many weekends being escorted out of Australia’s most famous rock n roll pub “The Esplanade Hotel” by over‐zealous security staff. I love the phased guitar on this track and the band have a sound sounds familiar but yet is new and fresh. They say they will never go home and it’s this attitude that shines through, another catchy track.

Money Tree – Jess kicks in a bass riff or two before Estelle joins her and we head into a real stomper of a track which has a more blues with crunching guitars. Estelle’s sublime vocals and in the background powering away is that dynamite drummer Josie. A nice change in pace with this one.

Catalyst – Rifftastic start to this track as the girls change direction again, with a real hard rocking blues number which shows the harder edge to Estelle’s voice and I like it. The band and Estelle’s voice show amazing versatility for such a young band (only 4 years since they formed). These girls can really play.

Half of the Man – A slow gritty blues number dealing with those nights out and guys trying to pick them up. A hook laden catchy chorus stunner of a track.

So Not Me – A real Velvet Revolver style kicker here, a fantastic romper of a track. A tale of keeping your head down and keeping focused on your goals and the girls have definitely done that with this album. The chorus of “That’s so not me” is gonna be a crowd pleaser along with Estelle’s guitar on this.

Everyone Down – A bit of a nod to Queens of the Stone Age here, a real tub thumper, as Estelle screams everyone down. Josie has really let loose on those drums on this thumptastic track.

This Ain’t Dead – A slow somber doom ridden thumper of a track about sticking together. As they say “We’re not fucking around”, and I believe them.

Somebody Put Something In My Drink – The Ramone’s classic gets the T-Byrd treatment. This track got the girls a support slot with Richie Ramone on his 2016 Australian tour and you can see why. The girls kick ass here with a total catchy version, love this.

Why Are We Still Friends? – A classic tale of watching your ex-friends on Facebook etc. A track with more of a punky vibe than the other songs so far.

Jagerbomb – A fun 12‐bar blues tribute to the Jagerbomb – we’ve all been there, I know I have! A totally fun bouncy track about a drink that has killed many a night’s end.

Shut Me Down – Written in the car park after their first ever gig: the venue expected an acoustic act… well you can guess the rest. Visions of that mesh covered stage in the Blues Brothers springs to mind. Another stomper with great harmonies from the girls.

Good Time – A pop rock tune next with another catchy chorus in “You’re here for a good time”. A tune that really reminds me of ace UK band Eva Plays Dead. Bouncy, catchy with some nice guitars from Estelle. A great upbeat end to a fantastic debut album.

Tequila Mockingbyrd: official | facebook | twitter

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July 23, 2016 9:34 AM

[…] Tequila Mockingbyrd release their debut long player; Fight And Flight (Distortion Records) on later this year in the UK and Europe. We reviewed it recently. […]