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Review: Onirism – The Well of Stars E.P.

Onirism - The Well of StarsOnirism for me are one of a few bands that really stand out for me with their diverse music, and The Well of Stars really does stand out. A mixture of beautifully sounding instruments (still including a lot of synths), it is an E.P. that uses a diverse range of instruments to create such a unique and dynamic sound, whilst still keeping to the raw thunderous and heavy black metal sound.

The first track on the album (“The Well of Stars Part I”) can only be described as an emotional sounding piece of music with the mixing of beautiful symphonic melodies and a range of wind instruments used to create a calm atmosphere on this instrumental number.

I find it very difficult to describe the E.P.’s dynamic in terms of music as it’s so diverse. It’s an E.P that combines the more calming sound of symphonic melodies and instruments to create a calm and almost emotional sound such as with the second track on the album (“The Well of Stars Part II”). However the introduction of heavy almost machine gun sounding drums, fast shredding guitars and a raw black metal vocal sound creates a powerful atmosphere in a diverse way.

They say that black metal is about raw emotion and this E.P. lives up to this description. Every track on The Well of Stars uses every single melody, riff and vocal sounds like it has been carefully selected and placed to provide a range of dynamic sounds and to create an emotion that just grasps the listener by the ears. A unique piece of music that can only be described as a masterpiece, an E.P. that creates many atmospheres in an expressive and magical way.

The Well of Stars is out now.

Onirism: facebook | bandcamp

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