Review: (hed)p.e. – Forever!

(hed)p.e. - Forever!(hed)p.e. are an American rock band from Huntingdon Beach, California. They formed in 1994 and have been justifiably getting attention for their unique brand of music which is a mix of rock, metal, punk, reggae and rapcore. Jahred’s vocals range from melodic singing to rapping, screaming and death growls making (hed)p.e. a band who appeal to many, an eclectic sound for eclectic tastes.

Forever! is (hed)p.e’s tenth studio album. It starts with a long eerie intro before Jahred’s unique death metal growl in “Live”. “Closer” is an anthem for now: “Madness, taking on the powers that be, it just takes one to change the world / Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

“Pay Me” switches from rap to death growls to the clean vocals of Jahred, this song really showcases his talents to their best. “Wastes” demonstrates the bands ability to write hard hitting riffs and faultless drum beats. “One of a Kind” is just that, a real mix of Caribbean sound, hip-hop, punk and reggae. A sound unique to (hed)p.e.

“The Higher Crown”, a flute instrumental, is the calm in the eye of the storm. You can even hear the low E of the flute (assuming my hearing hasn’t been damaged by all these years of metal!). However unlike a hurricane, where the eye precedes the greater destruction, “The Higher Crown” leads to reggae and the calmer sound of (hed)p.e. “Shadowridge”, “Together”, “Always” and “Ganja” conclude the album in this more chilled manner.

I for one cannot wait for their upcoming tour with Alien Ant Farm in October/November. This will see them performing songs from the new album plus a host of back catalogue classics and Alien Ant Farm will be playing their chart hit album ANThology‬ in full, to mark its 15th anniversary.

Once again a delightfully eclectic sound, a wonderfully eclectic album. Everything we have come to expect and enjoy, truly (hed)p.e Forever!

Track listing:

1) Live
2) Pay Me
3) Closer
4) Hurt
5) It’s You
6) Waste
7) JahKnow
8) You Know
9) The Higher Crown
10) Shadowridge
11) Together
12) Always
13) Ganja (bonus track)

Forever! is out on July 22nd

(hed)p.e.: official | facebook | twitter

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