Review: As Sirens Fall – The Hospital Party

As Sirens Fall - The Hospital PartyFive songs. Is it enough to define your sound and capture listeners? Yes, definitely. It’s probably one reason, as well as the obvious financial one, why so many bands are releasing EPs rather than LPs these days. There’s also the higher chance of an “all killer, no filler” balance.

As Sirens Fall have gone the EP route for their initial release and have managed the golden 5:0 ratio with five great songs contained within. Former in 2014 in grim Keighley, they’re a surprisingly upbeat rock act with perhaps an edge of the old emo kicking around. Their sound is hard to pin down, but if you can imagine a heavy post-metal group who’ve toned their sound right back to be more radio friendly then you’re getting there.

With a wealth of bounce, drive and emotion they’re blasting out tracks like “Smoke” which just beg to be accompanied by live videos of crowds bouncing up and down. By all accounts, the band do have the live side of things well under control having won the Leeds Soundwave Music competition, and playing the RIP section of Download this year. Tomorrow they begin a run of UK dates where you’ll be able to hear the likes of crowdpleaser “State of the Artist” with it’s speeding chorus and heavy third-minute breakdown.

You can check out “Where You Are” below, with its heavy and emotionally-wracked intro. Wait till it give it all up for that huge chorus, though. “Lonely Tomorrows” probably stands out as the most commercial track on the albu, having a very indie intro but it soon develops into a thumping rock track. Closer “Last Goodbyes” isn’t as morose as it may sound, offering plenty of opportunities for crowd interaction and with a truly uplifting ending.

The Hospital Party is out now.

As Sirens Fall: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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