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Review: Damien Done – Stay Black & 7″ EP

Damien Done - Stay Black

Michigan based Damien Moyal has taken a break from hardcore bands As Friends Rush and Morning Again. This particular project of his is a punk acoustic-driven development that may get fans of Danzig and A Pale Horse Named Death salivating. You do not have long to wait, as Damien Done releases a 6 track album Stay Black and three tracks belonging to his 7” EP which is out on the 8th July via German label Demons Run Amok Entertainment.

The artwork of Stay Black has the touch of Rene Magritte, purely because of the haunting floral facial covered woman. Art and heavy rock sometimes go hand in hand and at times can be over the top with no feeling. It’s interesting to see if this will be the case, or we will witness a project that brings more to the table of rock.

Up first “Dude Becomes Sea” is dark to the root, a sense of doom is upon us, this track had me straight away with its melancholic mood. Then “Here Comes the Plague” a complete turnaround, it’s faster and the sound is suggestive of a 70s cop show, where the permed hair plain clothed cop slides across a Cortina, A la Sabotage. His lyric of “What about the inside joke involves everyone around you” touches the boundary of Bee Gees “I started a joke”.

“I want to solve the Problems in Your Dress” well, if you’re expecting a track purely about the creation on hemp making, or how to tackle it, then you’ll be heartbroken. It’s ferociously calm that emanates paranoia, a stalking scenario and voyeurism that can be seen on Youporn, with lyrics that may be difficult to put up with, as does the “The New Cleavage” which may cause a divide, just like if you voted in or out.

Stay Black finishes with “She’s About to Lose it” and the instrumental “Catsong”…But ladies and gentleman this isn’t the end. Up now is three tracks from Damien Done’s 7” EP. “He Really tried” would’ve fitted perfectly in the Grunge era. Beautiful unhappy poetry such as “see I’m alive, but not alive enough” it has the vibrancy of Eels, and yes, I used Eels and vibrancy in the same sentence, get over it.

“And Now The Rain” hits more with the melancholic strain and has been peppered to be like Mr Danzig. “Lighten Up” ends the EP, it’s acoustic country sounding drive shows Damien has many genres within his vocal and guitar chords of pure diversity.

As an album Stay Black is one of many stories, many styles of stories that would confuse some of the folk out on the street. Tracks that would be perfect to listen to on your own in the dark and feel that paranoia. Others would befit the underground train ride to work, during that rat race of London, and another will suit that deep hell like music venue, that’s have closed down over the years.

The album is a grower, it needs a few listens to, to actually feel what is happening and gather that emotion that Done has penetrated into your eardrums.

Damien Done: facebook | bandcamp

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