Review: Zeolite – Zeolite EP

ZeoliteZeolite is a land mark release for the band of the same name hailing from Tasmania in Australia. It shows them adding emotion and maturity to the technical side of their music comparing to the two singles they released prior, resulting in a debut EP that shows the future is bright for the young band. The modern technical death metal scene has not exactly been thriving lately due to a host of all too similar bands that focused more on how many sweeps they could in three minutes than crafting well made songs. With Zeolite, Zeolite not only show their instrumental skills, but display solid song-writing skills and maturity uncommon within the genre.

The progression in this release flows extremely well, with the various alternations in musical style always feeling as if they belong exactly where they are. This helps to avoid the feeling that they are progressing for progressions sake, a common criticism of many modern progressive bands. Opener “Seligman’s Curse” is the perfect song to display the mature progression; showcasing seamless transitions frenetic instrumentation and well calculated atmosphere. “Faustus” exhibited many of the same traits as “Seligman’s Curse,” albeit at a mostly slower pace that’s main focus is to build up to the excellent crescendo.

Instrumentally is where Zeolite truly shine, with guitarist Patrick Haas providing solid riffs and smart leads in equal measure. Surprisingly audible bassist Lucas Tolputt holds his own against the intensity propagated by Haas and acts as an excellent compliment. Drums, although programmed, add on endurance and speed, coupled with the grooves in the slower sections that results in a very solid and mostly varied performance.

Regardless of the somewhat minor setbacks, Zeolite remains an excellent technical/progressive death metal release that shows there may be a very bright future for this band. The combination of technicality, well structured songs and emotional input shows the potential this band possesses. This is Zeolite finding their niche within the scene, standing well above the majority of their peers.

Zeolite: facebook | bandcamp

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