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Review: MetaQuorum – Midnight Sun [Remastered]

MetaQuorum - Midnight SunNot so many of that can make me happy like it’s the case when out of nowhere a great new album comes my way. And then I am in an euphoria for days, making each new listening session a totally new experience. The excitement is even bigger when it’s a new, young band that has just learned swimming in an overcrowded ocean. MetaQuorum is exactly that; a “young” and “unknown” band, and thanks to good folk from the band’s PR team I got myself introduced to this group based in UK. Midnight Sun is the band’s debut album originally released in January 2015, but it was recently remastered and reissued.

With already developed format of playing, it’s obvious that we talk about an ambitious project. And that they are. Their ambition is showed in a right way, and with Midnight Sun you get a real piece of art.

With a wise balance of improvisation and perfect execution, MetaQuorum shows that they are an experienced act with impressive technical skills. On longer tracks “District Line,” “Circle & Square,” “Canzona” and “Silver Thread” the band demonstrates these skills, dominance and diversity. They also show what MetaQuorum is about by creating various sonic landscapes which bring plenty of different vibes. Probably the brightest side of the band beside knowing how to present themselves is ability of merging with the environment.

With Midnight Sun MetaQuorum gave another homework both for themselves and the scene itself. This band is a genre per se. Quality, innovation, bravery, ambition and love towards music erupt from every tone. This is a band that certainly has quality and potential to become one of the leaders of the new generation progressive bands.

MetaQuorum: officialfacebook | bandcamp

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