Review: A Rebel Few – As The Crow Flies

A Rebel Few

A Rebel Few - As The Crow Flies

Coming out of Cambridge Ontario Canada is the debut album of A Rebel Few, As the Crow Flies this 9 track album full of riffs for that heavy sweating neck cranks and the horns flaying in the air while you’re head-banging and you just doesn’t care.

“Born Again” is a perfect opener to their debut album, the guitar caught my attention the moment the chords smashed the system, as it’s full of intense groove. Intense groove is the new black or orange, or something like that anyway, and feels like it is in the mould of Blackstone Cherry.

A great start to As the Crow Flies and it doesn’t let up, the album is for the guitar solo enthusiast and mixed with melodic vocals has that spine tingle moments.  The album hasn’t really any issues, their skillset is sound with great lyrics and an old school vibe. Their guitar solos are imperative to hear.

With “Dyin’ Breed” and “Said and done” are intense melody makers proving what experience the guys of A Rebel Few have and have gained through their time together under a previous name. With “Bitter man” which you can see at the bottom, opens up with a riff reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age track “No One Knows”. Final track “Pure Revolution” has that Phil Anselmo vocals about it, especially at the beginning. The vocal style of Lord Anselmo in Pantera and Down tracks where he shows his vocal range in holding a note.

Imagine this, imagine a dark hell like small music venue, the sort that looks like hell that you would see on those old school heavy metal record covers. Imagine one of those music venues, dark, with sweating beer fuelled long haired leather clad fans. A Rebel Few then enter the stage and proceed to blow that sweat from foreheads, arm pits and other areas sweat builds up through vigorous head-banging. Old school rock is alive with a Rebel few and they have just kicked new school in the nuts.

This album is out 22nd April. Go get it.

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