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Review: The Chikitas – Wrong Motel

The Chikitas - Wrong MotelFormed in the city of Geneva, The Chikitas a duo made up of Lynn Maring and Saskia Fuertes have been eliminating rock cells since the release of their debut album in 2011. Five years on, The Chikitas add a third instalment, Wrong Motel is out now.

Locked away at the studio of Jim Waters (Sonic Youth, John Spencer Blues explosion) for twenty days in Tucson, Arizona where the duo poured and bled over this twelve track LP. Is filled with rock, punk and the still living grunge genre. Who said Grunge is Dead….Was it Kurt?

Being a two piece rock band is the norm these days, many have to add a little spice to this ever growing form, and the Chikitas definitely have that sauce in them. Opening tune “I wish you mine” fires out the garage rock element to the LP. From garage it heads to punk with “Hi Lady” its dirty punk and you may need a wash after listening to it. The first three songs are made up of different elements, not sure if this is to show the listener how eclectic they are. “Lillith” is cleaner and reminds me a bit of the musical Annie, I did say that and I will stick to it.

A stalking style guitar riff with fast clear vocals “My playground” is a welcome addition to the LP. “Come a long in my playground” will be the lyrics that stick out in the mind and will keep repeating over and over again. A highlight is “Sucker Creep” a little mosh would definitely creep in with the fast furious drum beats and shouty vocals that has a short burst a calmness…then back at it again.

These two musicians are uncompromising with their eloquent garage sound especially with “Watch Yourself” helps making Wrong Motel is a great third addition to their growing catalogue. The stalker style of “Waraconda” a track that engulfs paranoia while listening to this and walking home late one the evening. Love it! You even get a rap style in final track “Run away to Byron Bay” which shows there is no fear in their music making.

Being a female band they will be associated with other bands that have female front band members and the truth is there is the dark influence of a legendary band. Their sound makes the imagination run riot, grrrl riot with an L7 influenced masterclass that will keep fans and onlookers at their gigs enthralled. I Love this LP

Wrong Motel went on sale on the 29th April.

The Chikitas: official / facebook / twitter

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