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Review: Soulhenge – Anachronism

Soulhenge - Anachronism EP coverAnachronism’s four tracks see Soulhenge explore the dizzying edges of prog, dive deep into djent’s low-end acrobatics, furthering it down to a bit of metalcore.

Anachronism captures the volatility of its title with a complex, explosive soundtrack brimming with infectious hooks courtesy of the intense interplay between Ozzy Booyah’s growls and Milian Steffen’s and Yannick Kohl’s guitar work. This chaotic beauty is best captured on “The Atomic Age” with the pristine undertow of its verse that is unexpectedly overwhelmed by the unbridled fury of its chorus.

Anachronism is one hell of an EP from a band that is coloring outside the lines of modern metal. The EP leaves little doubt that Soulhenge have a glowing future ahead of them.

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