Review: Hellyeah – Unden!able

Hellyeah - Unden!ableI was fortunate enough to get Hellyeah’s last album, Blood For Blood, for review a couple of years back and the one thing I remember is the band highlighting that I said in the review that I’d given it “a couple of listens”. This niggled with me for a couple of reasons. Firstly it made me realise how the turnover for reviews on here is often so tight – in this case we have a week from the album arriving until it’s released to get a review out before you lot all rush out and buy it anyway (P.S. you should).

Secondly, I should have rated Blood For Blood better than I did as – for me – it was a grower. I kind of liked it after a couple of listens, but after a couple of weeks there were some songs on there that I really bloody loved. “Moth” is the first that springs to mind, and “Hush”.

So this time, I’ve listened to Unden!able on rotation over the last 36 hours to ensure it’s had a chance to seep in. Annoyingly, it didn’t need it. Maybe it’s the familiarity with the previous album, but Unden!able is straight in there and knocks you for six with “X” (ignoring intro “!”). This is definitely a heavier album than the last, forgoing those gentler tracks which happened to be my two favourites!

The closest to the gently tones of “Moth” or “Hush” are “Human” and “Love Falls”. “Human” starts off gently and is still less heavy than most of the material on here, but which wouldn’t warrant an acoustic version as “Hush” did. “Love Falls” I think needs a few more listens to really settle with me, but I am liking it. If you thought those songs on Blood For Blood were a little light, then this song is positively featherweight. It’s a power ballad with added metal and proves that the two genres can meet and create delightful offspring.

Overall, this is an album of groove metal which throws in the occasional curve ball. To mention one track I wasn’t too keen on, “Live Or Die” is just a little too “all over the place” for me, with the changes of rhythm around the chorus. It just seems disjointed, but I know many bands who ply their trade with songs like this and have a vast fan base. It’s not a bad track – just one I didn’t enjoy.

Thing is, it’s surrounded by songs I did enjoy. A lot. “Start A Riot” is just balls out mentality. I’d consider kicking gigs off with this (OK, “10-34” as a brief intro works and then into the chaos). If it doesn’t get the crowd going then they need put down humanely and a replacement drafted in. Title-ish track “Be Unden!able” is another all out furious smasher which still has a lot of rhythm.

I was talking to someone at Krav class last week and told them that if they were looking for music to work out to then they should grab the entire Hatebreed back-catalogue. This week, I told them to buy this album when it comes out and add it to that playlist. Drop the lighter tracks, plough through the fury and end with the slow, pounding “Grave” and you’ll have a hell of a workout and a dead training partner. It’s the rhythm the groove and the anger that really get the adrenaline going.

Unden!able isn’t an album you just listen to – it’s one you get involved in.

Unden!able is out on June 3rd

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