Review: Svoid – Storming Voices Of Inner Devotion

Svoid - Storming Voices Of Inner DevotionFormed in 2009 in Hungary, Svoid established their name within the black metal scene with lyrics that run heavy with themes about the occult and anti-cosmic chaos. Storming Voices of Inner Devotion may be the band’s second full-length album as a follow up to 2013’s To Never Return, but this should be hailed as another brilliant album filled with a raw and heavy sound, and lyrics that are riddled with the occult. The album kicks off with “Through the Horizon”, where a range of melodic riffs meets dark vocals in a thundering track of pure genius.

This is an album that is filled with beautifully written melodies which mix with a heavy atmosphere and vocals that create imagery in a beautiful poetic way. Especially with the third track “Never to Redeem”, where catchy riffs meet with hard-hitting drums, and builds up through the verses to create one hell of a chorus filled with both clean-vocals and raw heavy tones. This powerful chorus is a highlight of a raw energetic song which leaves the listener wanting more.

The record is filled with a powerful, ferocious atmosphere. However, “Eternal”, the fifth track, has a much different feeling bestowed upon it. As the track starts, lighter melodies mix with almost clean-singing vocals. But as the track progresses, a  heavier approach is signified by heavy drums and guitars to create more of a darkness, yet the clean-singing vocals with lighter melodies do reappear, making this a mysterious and exhilarating experience.

As the album continues in its melodic darkness, many occult themes emerge that fit the power of the music beautifully. This is especially prominent on the ninth track, “Bloodline”, which again is a track consisting of heavy melodies meeting equally dark vocals and lyrics with an energy that is both raw and fits the atmosphere of the track flawlessly. This track is completed by added depth from the use of tempo changes throughout to make the track holistically one that is pure but with a raw sound that powers the track forward.

Storming Voices of Inner Devotion is an album that is filled with so much. The catchy music and its lyrical genius make this album one that is filled with an energy that has been put to its best use.

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