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Review: Degenerate – Demo

Degenerate logo 192Just a quick review as I am very short of time but just had to let you all know about this 4-track collection. I don’t really know much about the band (their facebook page doesn’t have a lot on it), but I gather they’re a three-piece and I think they’re from the Netherlands, or at least that’s where this demo was mixed and mastered.

Detective work aside, what we have here are four cracking modern thrash-esque numbers and available for you to listen to for free on YouTube. They’re old-school in their speed and brutality, but have a slightly clean tone to them with some great work on backing vocals which comes through best on “Dead Set”. They’re definitely better produced than, say, early Sepultura and it goes to show what you can do on a budget with today’s modern equipment.

The riff-work is simple, fast and heavy in all the right proportions and invites much dance-related violence as well as having some great lyrics to shout along to. “Gaia’s Vice” is probably the heaviest of the songs, to begin with at least, and features some great blast beats throughout. It could be me, but it feels like the guitars have been tuned down a notch for this song.

“Lizzy”, conversely, has heavier sections but throughout has a great refrain from the lead guitar which brings to mind some of Metallica’s better material from the Fade To Black era. Only the bits in between the refrain sections pummel you more than Hetfield and co. have done for decades.

This is a great demo. I gather they’ll have physical versions available sometime soon which I would assume they’ll be selling at gigs. Support them and buy one – they deserve the support.

Degenerate: facebook | youtube

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April 30, 2016 11:46 AM

[…] got in touch a while back after we reviewed Degenerate’s demo – the two bands happen to be friends. Both are from the Netherlands, and Cacatory are a […]

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