Review: 48 Hours – Expectations

48 Hours - ExpectationsIf there’s one expectation regarding yours truly, it’s that I’m always running late and often miss the boat. Such is the case with reviewing 48 Hours’ new album which dropped a couple of days ago on April 1st. Sorry, I was too busy checking out videos about Google Cardboard Plastic and the BBC’s new home VHS delivery service.

The only real downside to wasting my time on minor hilarity is that I lost a couple of days’ time that I could have spent listening to this solid slab of hard modern rock. 48 Hours are one of those groups that make you wonder how on earth only three people could make so much rhythmic racket. Blasting out of London, I’m surprised I’ve not heard of them before. Their music has that immediate “I must bang my head to this” feel to it that I thought someone would have mentioned them to me by now.

The “feel” of the music is in the BfmV end of things – shouty and a bit dark – but they’re not quite as heavy as the Welsh wunderkinder. The guitars from frontman Adam Jerome have a huge sound; sawtoothed, edgy and yet very “full”, while gary Broughton’s bass fills in every gap they leave. Matt Savini able batters away on the skins and keeps them all together.

On the whole, the ten tracks are simply belting rockers with the exception of the lighter, more balladic “Gone” which stands out for this reason as well as being a damn good song in its own right. Picking out another track or two from the remainder is difficult as they all grasp you so quickly and so tightly, but I’ll give it a go.

“Forget” has a wonderfully bouncy rhythm to begin which sounds like there’s more than one guitar churning out the opening riff. The chorus is a little bit of a builder, but the chorus is the sort you want to sing until your throat bleeds. While jumping about. “Liars” will have you punching walls. This is a brilliant track to shove on the earphone for a gym workout. Heavy opening, into the lighter end, rhythmical, building, battering again… and repeat. “Violent Addiction” has a chorus that brings to mind early SUM-41 with more bounce than a kangaroo factory mounted on springs.

Expectations is a cracking little album and all the more pleasant as it came at me out of nowhere. Surprise yourself with it.

48 Hours: facebook | youtube

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April 6, 2016 6:09 PM

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