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Review: Anti-Clone – The Root of Man


In the 90s a generic genre was created. A genre that didn’t just explode but took over a scene where a few bands Anti-Clone - The Root Of Manchanged the way we hear heavy rock. A small number carried this revolution while many tried to copy it. That Moniker was Nu-Metal, a word that means baggy jeans, chains and dance moves in metal clubs – where did the head-banging and moshing go?

This spawned when Korn and Fear Factory came on the scene with their impressive debut albums which led to many, and I do mean many bands coming out the woodwork. Those bands took a look around and made this revolution commercial. It’s now 2016 and the apocalypse has taken over with a band, that’s new. That’s power driven who’re not from Bakersfield, Chi Town or Orange County, this band’s from Boston Lancashire, they’re called Anti-Clone and their debut The Root of Man is out on 29th April.

This is a record music fans have been waiting for. Peter Moore, Conor and Liam Richardson, Drew Moore and David Cooper are five fearless metalheads who’ve pushed that boat out to extreme waters. This has angst, torture, emotion and a dual meaning, the first is whether the human race began with Adam and Eve. Listening to opening track “The Root of Man” it opens with “the root of man is evil, the root of man is sin” this is a deep subject. The second meaning, is the birth of the band themselves.

What comes next is “Deracinated,” which flows perfectly from the opener where the power-driven industrial guitars consume the mind. The vocals change from clean to unclean mixed with deep dark and surreal lyrics. This is one of those tracks that doesn’t give you time to remember the opening song. It overthrows the mind like a marvel villain and leaves you disorientated like a five day drinking bender where at the end you know you had a good time.

“SwitchBlade” – “oh no I’m not a freak, don’t you, call me a freak, oh no, I’m not a freak, don’t you, call me a freak” The aggression in the vocals mixed with the grinding guitars is a message of when you see these guys live you’ll chant exactly that, and then…the mosh begins.

Drew Moore’s drumming on “B9” is authentic badass and his ability keeps the beats throughout the record. He’s a reminder of former Fear Factory sticksman Ramon Herrera, a man who could infiltrate a drum set like Pablo Escobar did the government. “Mechanical Heart” (Check out the Lyric Video at the bottom) is constructed mayhem, the change up of clean and unclean vocals is an area I have never been a fan of, but the way Anti-Clone perform this track reminds me of what would happen if opera went metal.

“Bring out your dead feed our machine” The vocals are no hold-barred and the instruments are effortless. The strength these guys have together make ‘Feed the machine’ one of the highlights of this superb debut album. “I.DON’T.LIKE.YOU, you fucker, you sucker you dirty piece of shit.” A great way to end a track, which shows Peter ‘Mr Clone’ Moore’s vocals and skillset is pure ferocity. Am I too old to be a fanboy?

This album hasn’t one track you need to look out for, they all have a menacing don’t screw with us vibe. “Astorath” is a change of vocal, but still their riffs are heavy, fast and may incur the chance of a volcano erupting in the UK.

The album ends with “Sentinel” which stands at nearly 8 minutes long and when the final chord is struck, the last lyric belted out, is the moment to catch your breath and listen to the album again.

The Root of Man is like a 100 metre runner who’s trained him or herself to run a marathon as quick as they can, they then do it an achieve the gold medal. This stuff has been worked on, blood has poured from their fingers and spilled from their vocal chords, this is hard work and commitment paying off.

Created with the help of an ever growing fan base via the Pledge music Website and plastic head distribution, with Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Machine Head) at the helm producing the record have assisted Anti-Clone in blowing minds.

Someone once said ‘Rock is Dead’…..that’s not true. Rock, heavy rock is alive and smashing it in Great Britain. Anti-Clone have given birth to a new breed and it’s currently being burped. So, Welcome to the Apocalypse.

Line up:

  • Peter Moore – Lead Vocals
  • Conor Richardson – Guitar/Vocals
  • Liam Richardsion – Guitar/Vocals
  • David Cooper – Bass
  • Drew Moore – Drums

Anti-Clone facebook | twitter | pledgemusic


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