Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves – This Can’t Get Any Worse

With the immense popularity of staged cover musicians seeking their 15 minutes of fame by destroying classic songs, Tommy Concrete and the Werewolvesmusic seems lost…but there’s hope.

From the misty streets of Edinburgh, through the smoke of Hell come Motorhead and Slayer influenced – Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves, with their 18 track debut album.

What we have here is old school hardcore music. Music that’s dirty, that makes the blood pump around the veins quicker than a Z lister applying for Celebrity Big Brother.

Formed by Tommy Concrete in 2012 (after ‘The Exploited’ disbanded),The Werewolves line-up eventually settled down in 2014. The band is Tommy Concrete – Vocals/Guitar, George Nisbet-Bass and Michael Branagh – Drums/Vocals.

This Can’t Get Any Worse is all about what you’d tell your kids to stay away from, such as prostitution, drugs and possibly Werewolves. “Clarity of Insanity, is one of the favourites of this 18 track album and needs to be played loud like the rest of it. This is a gut buster, which makes the neck muscles scream for the windmill head-bang to be brought out of retirement.

Tracks such as “Fucked by Werewolves”, “Clarity of Insanity”, “Time for the Lunatics” (video down the bottom), “We Fought the Punk War and the chant forming “ to name a few, bring strength to this album. It’s a sign heavy rock/metal is alive and still moshing in Edinburgh. The gut wrenching riffs explode and will leave sweat and grease attached to any ceiling like Spiderman’s web. This album, this band are something special. It isn’t commercial, it isn’t something you’ll hear on Radio one. You’ll hear it in a dark and dirty metal club in the undergrowth of the high street you may walk around from time to time.

This is not pop punk. Nu metal will need to hide under that rock, the stone or whatever material is available. Metal is not making a comeback it’s been here for years. It has been a pleasure listening to ‘Can’t Get Any Worse’ and getting to know the music of Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves.

Beginning of 2016 after the news of Lemmy’s passing the band recorded a live Motorhead cover album Snaggletooth which was released for charity. Keep your eye out for this and their music at a music venue near you.

Tommy Concrete and the Werewolves: official | facebook | bandcamp

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