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World Chaos 192We first encountered World Chaos at the end of last year when they were one of the four bands (from a line-up of eight) who made the effort to turn up for a charity gig in Wakefield. For some reason they were pleasantly surprised by my random witterings about them and promised to get their forthcoming EP to me as soon as it was released.

This they duly did… at which point I duly did my usual and put it on the “to do” list and lost track of it. You know, what with me being crap and everything.

So, anyway, after much self-inflicted delay here’s a bit about their three-track debut. The band are a three-piece progressive groove combo from West Yorkshire. Given I lived in Bradford for thirteen years I can say that it’s no surprise so many miserable bands come for the area, but on the other hand it makes for some decent music. World Chaos are no exception and it’s a pleasure to hear that misery in better quality than just the live videos they had on YouTube.

I’ll tell you, World Chaos seem to have an axe to grind with society judging by their lyrics. I’d certainly not want to piss them off more than they already are. “Whore of a Man” is pretty much a tirade aimed at the obviously disliked gentleman in the title. I would love to know who this is! The vocals are spat out during the verses with the chorus being a little more ear-friendly, quite reminiscent of a slightly slowed-down classic Slayer track.

“Round The Corner” goes for more of a churning, grinding rhythm – the kind of thing that would have a sweaty mass pushed up against a stage barrier, raising their fists and shouting out the words.

The third track, “Downturn” feels a little more classic metal (Priest spring to mind) and details the life of someone who’s pushed their limits just a little too far. It’s the fact that the three songs are so different which really impresses with this homegrown release. Sure, the production could be a little better but the beauty of these releases is that you can treasure them when the bands release full albums later down the line, knowing you were in at the beginning with these deliciously rough and honest beginnings.

You can pick the CD up for free at any of their gigs, or stream/download it via Soundcloud. Oh, and they’re planning on working on another EP in the next few weeks…

World Chaos: facebook | youtube | soundcloud

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