Review: Rusty G’s – Low

Rusty G's drumThe Duo of James Finch on vocals/guitar and Dan Lopez on drums make an amazing sound for a two piece. Don’t think Royal Blood, this is a real rock two piece band. I had the pleasure of seeing the boys live recently in Edinburgh supporting Bernie Torme and I can tell you I was blown away They are ferocious on stage – a huge sound!

1. “Oh Yeah” kicks in with crunching guitars and drums which reminds me of that Australian rock band The Screaming Jets – a classic rock sound, drums & guitars.

2. “Crawl” is a favourite of mine from the album. A fantastic crunching, grungy track not unlike Velvet Revolver at times.

3. “Taking Over”. Again I get that Aussie vibe of The Screaming Jets meets Kings of the Sun, both of whom still feature on my ipod as I love this rock sound… so not a bad thing guys.

4. “I Don’t Want This” kicks you in the face Nirvana style with James very much in the Cobain vocal style while the music just keeps punching you. Great track.

5. “Don’t Belong”. With a definite Foo Fighters guitar intro before James starts singing again, the rest of the track is more of a mash between the Foo’s and Nirvana. This album will definitely be staying on the iPod. Check out the official video for this track below.

6. “The Killer” is next and what a killer guitar intro, with James growling away. The guitar on this is pure Foo’s at full tilt – fantastic track.

7. “Waiting” has a kind of Neil Young intro until James starts to sing. I do love his style of vocals mixed with the driving drums and his full on guitar make this another bounce-about track.

8. “Static” – this band are anything but. The bouncing crunch of the guitar along with the drums really has the feet and head moving. Killer hooks in this track.

9. “So Low” creeps in with a bass style line then shoots off in all directions. A stunning track, it have to be seen live to truly appreciate these boys’ skill. My feet and head are going like mad as I write this – big grins all round, boys.

10. “Losing You”… and we’re back to Aussie land. Damn I love this band, a band very much in control with a huge rock sound full on guitars and drums but always for a purpose never for a filler.

I love the production on the tracks, very full on sound, just the way I like it. The sound is huge and hits you like a twin sonic attack. The album is out on 9th May this year – do yourselves a big favour and buy it, then go and see them live.

Rusty G’s – official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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