Review: Fatal Destiny – Palindromia

Fatal Destiny are an Italian band that have their roots in ‘90s prog metal and ‘80s neo-prog. They have a sound reminiscent of Fates Warning’s style of prog metal, very big riffs and longer songs. There’s even a touch of IQ to their approach as well.

PalindromiaPalindromia is comprised of eight songs. One upside is that the band are very talented at playing. “Beyond Dreams” and “Human Factory” are probably the two longer songs that work the best overall. The best part being the choice of keyboard sounds (contributed by Alessandro Bertoni) which at times are vintage and other times quite modern.

Vocalist Andrea Zamboni is possibly the biggest highlight of the album. He actually sounds great these tunes; his voice fits well with the music, and he has a great range and control.

I give credit to the band for being VERY good players. They are doing something that has been done before, but the originality of the tunes makes up for it. There’s still a demand for old school prog metal, so I am sure Palindromia has a market out there.

Fatal Destiny: OfficialFacebook | YouTube

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