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Review: Inglorious – “Unaware”

IngloriousI took up this review of Inglorious’s new single “Unaware” because I’ve heard of all the hype they appear to be getting, and whilst this is only one song, it is a gem for this days Rock community to thrive on. This band have righteously earned all this hype!

The track begins rather immediately and jumps into a full sound. It’s perhaps the first thing you notice, this has been recorded and mixed very well which gives it a professional, authentic quality to it. A rollicking drum part is partnered with a Hendrix-like guitar lick in the verse. Melodic backing vocals are thrown into the mix also to create an interesting sound which serves as a refreshing alternative to your standard songwriting.

Soaring pre-chorus vocals from Nathan James in a Skid Row, Sebastian Bach era style takes us to a sweeping chorus with enjoyable overlapping guitar parts that weave and work to complement one another. Lead Guitarist Andrew Eriksson rips into a short but sweet post-chorus solo that is over much too soon!

As a drummer myself, I thoroughly enjoy Phil Beavers’ (Drums) very instrumentally pleasing variety of drum fills which takes us to a very skilled guitar solo with an essence of restraint and control whilst simultaneously boasting a rabid, all-over-the-place manifestation of notes.

This takes us back to the chorus, a double one this time with more gusto than the ones that came before. And just as it has started it has ended, leaving in its wake proof to me that they are most certainly a band to keep your eyes on for the future. This single, a stroke short of four minutes packs in copious amounts of talent that seems to ooze the promise of good things to come. A good mix of blues, rock and balls incorporating some classic sounds from some classic bands with a modern touch, making it a rich tapestry of a single. I reiterate, keep your eyes on these guys… I know I will be!

Inglorious: official | facebook | twitter | instagram

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