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Review: Driving Mrs. Satan – Did You Mrs. Me?

Driving Mrs. Satan - Did You Mrs. Me CoverI don’t get time to review many albums these days around the day-to-day running of the site, but I had to take the opportunity to revisit a group I featured as Band of the Day almost two years ago. Driving Mrs Satan do cover versions of classic rock and metal tracks in a “pop” style. I’d actually say they’re closer to lounge music with the acoustic, laid-back vibe and female vocals but the best way to decide for yourself is to give it a listen.

Their new album, Did You Mrs. Me?, is out on March 5th and features a brilliant line-up. If this was a metal compilation album, they couldn’t have picked better tracks to go on it. To then adapt these songs in their own way makes this a brilliant purchase for anyone who likes to take a step away from their comfort zone in the metal world.

What I really like about Driving Mrs Satan’s covers is that, at first listen, they sound nothing like the originals. It’s not until a couple of the lyrics tickle your inner ear that you realise there’s something familiar about them. Then you skip back and properly hear the subdued music, finally noticing that it’s a very subtle take on what Metallica or Slayer or Anthrax recorded.

These are metal songs you can play to your grandma without her noticing. Or which you can subtly pipe through a classroom without getting in trouble from your boss (maybe).

The best way to get an idea of their sound is to have a listen so I’ve popped one of the new tracks down below. Their previous album, Popscotch, is available on Spotify. The tracklist for Did You Mrs. Me is as follows, just to further whet your appetite.

  1. Hungry For Heaven – Dio
  2. Iron Man – Black Sabbath
  3. Caught Somewhere In Time – Iron Maiden
  4. For Whom The Bell Tolls – Metallica
  5. Antisocial – Anthrax / Trust
  6. Running Free – Iron Maiden
  7. Peace Sells – Megadeth
  8. The Unknown Knows – Voivod
  9. Raining Blood – Slayer
  10. Eyes of a Stranger – Queensrÿche
  11. To Hell And Back – Venom
  12. Antisocial (French) – Anthrax / Trust

Driving Mrs. Satan: official | facebook | youtube

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