Review: Inishmore – The Lemming Project

Inishmore - The Lemming ProjectMelInishmore are one of the first bands I have discovered this year, and what a better way to discover more glorious power metal than an album such as this.

The album opens with the track “Cup of Lies” which opens in a very fun and catchy way which straight away draws you into the song. Moving soon to a very atmospheric sound while keeping the catchy riff, you enjoy every second of the song and cannot bring yourself to think of skipping or stopping it until the last second. With a variety of melodies, a soothing power metal voice and hypnotising riffs, this song definitely gives the album an introduction worthy of this name.

Next up is “Merciful” which this time opens with a more groovy riff followed by keyboards in the same atmosphere. This song, even if not as catchy, still remains interesting and as gloriously power-metal. Not much guitar is played except for the mysterious opening riff during most choruses and nice soothing solos towards the end. In all, a song good enough to make you excited for what’s next.

Now comes “Better off Dead” with a very Helloween-y feel to it. A higher pitched voice and powerful chords make the song very enjoyable. This number has a very fun solo mid-way which makes the song all the more effective. The more songs are heard, the more the conviction of this band’s talent becomes a fact.

For “Finally a Love Song” my first reaction was a happy surprise. The song begins in a very folk acoustic and “hey’s” atmosphere which break into heavier riffs, followed by very slow and sweet choruses, then back to heavy folk bridges. This song is full of genres and surprises which makes it musical genius. It’s impossible to get bored with so many different styles to hear within one song. This topped by Michela’s everlasting captivating voice, this song is the least power based and yet still holds up amazingly on the album.

Next is “Part of the Game”, a faster song than the last track and probably the heaviest on the album. With a very catchy riff, prominent keyboards, very elaborate solos and a voice more prone to clear screams, this is definitely the most technical song on the album and one of the top tracks. Every second is a pleasure you do not want to skip.

“Manifest” may be the one track not entirely as ear catching as the others until the appearance of the solo which draws you in like a tornado. A catchy riff is heard throughout and very atmospheric on top of that makes this song still as great as the rest and makes you want to hear more and more. The band keeps all its songs catchy and powerful enough to keep you interested until the end.

Now probably comes my favourite track, “Eternal Wanderer”. The mixed vocals on top of chorus keyboard and a well maintained energetic guitar riff makes this song incredible to listen to. The song does a perfect mix of glorious power and soothing melodic metal. Adding a – as ever – hypnotising solo makes it simply great.

“Red Lake” is a rather interesting track. With very Nightwish-y vocals, the song also is rather heavy in some parts which brings a nice counterbalance to not make the song too melodic due to the vocals. The riffs remain simple but catchy enough, and the backing vocals add a very nice charm to the song, to give it the power metal feel. The solo is very elaborate and impressive and all those elements keep you drawn into the song with a lot of pleasure.

Comes the moment I always expect in a power metal album: the ballad. And there comes “Where Lonely Shadows Walk” with a crystal voice and incredible violin music, the song brings so much beauty with such simplicity. Ballads are usually my favourite tracks in power albums due to all the emotions they bring, and this one is no exception. The song keeps your eyes closed and your mind dreaming. Even the last half which is heavier and faster still keeps the same amazing atmosphere taking you to a fantasy world you do not want to leave, I started this album with high expectations on a solo, and I got just what I really wanted, just beautiful.

Unexpectedly, the title track “The Lemming Project”, was another ballad. No complaint on this as, just like the last track, the song was incredible, with mixed vocals and very prominent keyboards accompanied with chorus voices, violin and catchy as ever guitar riffs made this song a pleasure to devour second by second; not forgetting the solo which is a real delight. There is nothing bad to say about this song. It is the longest of the album and still doesn’t bore you for a minute.

The final track of the album could not have ended it better for me than this acoustic version of the amazing ballad from earlier in the album. This version brings even more soothing emotions and brings you into a state of mind to simply lie down and listen at full blast with nothing around you. Complete escapism for the nearly 4min long song and a great way to end an album: with starry eyes and a desire to hear more of this great power/melodic band.

The Lemming Project is out on February 12th, 2016.

Inishmore: official | facebook | instagram | youtube

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