Review: Lanes Laire – Resurrection of Black

Sedona, Arizona prog rock artist Lanes Laire has been working on what has become the Resurrection of Black album for many years. Finally this year, Lanes put that record out. It is intelligent prog with an itching sense of melody.

The sound of Resurrection of Black is unique and draws inspiration and influences from various sources such Rush, Pink Floyd and Genesis, with a scent of The Beatles.

Resurrection of Black SQUARE 1400The opening cut “Hell If I Know” skips along wonderfully, channeling artist’s love for the mentioned bands. “The World Around Us” is underlined by a Pink Floridan melody accompanied by ambient meanderings, all moving at a decidedly leisurely pace.

This pace is expressive of the album’s relaxed atmosphere, with the mood veering toward melancholy at times. This oddly relaxing yet melancholic aura permeates “Pleasures of War,” with its subtle hints of Rush. “The Struggle Within” starts off in a brooding, dark and distorted manner, gently transforming into a sea of tranquillity and calmness later on.

Despite its inherently changeable and proggy nature, the songs on Resurrection of Back are wrapped up between two and seven minutes.

On Resurrection of Black, Lanes Laire draw from a myriad of influences from across the musical spectrum and manage to make accessible yet intricate progressive rock. Although accessible it may be, it’s not the kind of music you can just pick up and drop off at a moment’s notice. To appreciate it you have to be in the right frame of mind, to just sit back and soak it all in.

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December 7, 2015 3:26 PM

Great review! I had the pleasure of listening to the entire album at the release and it was mind blowing.