Review: Frozen Ocean – The Prowess of Dormition

Frozen Ocean - The Prowess of DormitionFormed back in 2005 in Moscow, Russia, this one-man band quickly became an established name in the atmospheric black metal scene. Following the full length album Prills of Remembrance, the band are back with their follow up E.P The Prowess of Dormition. A four track E.P, filled with lyrical themes from previous albums including those about winter, death and depression.

This is an EP replete with beautiful melodies, which turn darker and heavier, yet which manages to keep the full beauty of the melodies. The perfection is made further with deep powerful lyrics and vocals which just seem to add depth to the songs themselves. Harmonic and mysterious presented in a way which cannot be ignored.

The Prowess of Dormition is due out on February 26th 2016 through Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

Frozen Ocean: official | facebook

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