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Review: Daar – One-Way Expedition

Daar - One Way ExpeditionWith a meaning that is closely related to “gift,” the music of Serbian instrumental progressive rock band Daar definitely feels like a gift given to set in motion an avalanche of different feelings. A band that stayed true to what progressive rock music is in addition with folk motives on top of that. For more than 20 years, spent both as an active unit and on hiatus and several line-up changes, Daar has been delivering their sound in one way or another. After it took today’s shape in 2012, they worked hard on producing their debut album called “One-Way Expedition,” which saw the light of the day in 2015.

The album has five songs in total in almost 30 minutes. The fully instrumental delicious pace is worth every minute of your precious time. “One-Way Expedition” is, as you guess right, a guitar-cantered record. Daar know how to hit straight in the face and heart with their interesting riffs and solos. The mentioned folk motives set the band on the more advanced level, and I can only hope that they will be including more of these on their next efforts.

Daar: Official website | Bandcamp

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