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Review: Below A Silent Sky – Corrosion

CorrosionThe post-metal/prog metal foursome Below A Silent Sky was formed in 2012, but this year they’ve come up with the release of their debut album Corrosion. The album is packed with nontraditional song structures, ambient interludes, and crunchy prog riffs. Below A Silent Sky eagerly experiment with wildly varied song lengths (“The Flood I Ambiguity” lasts barely over three and a half minutes, while the opening “The Withering” is close to the nine-minute mark) and unusual structures, inspiring the non-sayers that good experimental metal should do that.

Below A Silent Sky hit their stride on the heavier songs. The soaring middle of “Adrift” captures the despairing, visceral earnestness the band seems to be chasing, as does the first half of “The Withering.” When Corrosion works, the jagged, post-metal/sludgy riffs combined with slow guitar voicings deliver an emotional and punchy listening experience.

Corrosion is not a career-making release certainly, but it’s more than good career opener. Below A Silent Sky can do progressive atmospheric post-metal very well, and this release is a good starting point for further explorations.

Below A Silent Sky: official | bandcamp | facebook | youtube

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