Review: Against the Plagues – Purified Through Devastation

Against the Plagues - Purified Through DevastationQuickly getting this one on the page as the album came out today (18th December). Against the Plagues have been around since 2010 and have one earlier album out – Architecture of Oppression (re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released in Europe as Decoding the Mainframe). Consisting of members who have been in bands as well-known as Damnation, Forest Of Impaled, Luciferion and Malevolent Creation it’s a wonder they’re not bigger. However, it’s not surprise that they’ve created an album as good as Purified Through Devastation.

The nine tracks run to just under fifty minutes of blackened death metal with lovely growled vocals, crunching riffs and the occasional background burst of rather plinky-plunky keyboards. Atmospherics abound such as in “TerrorForm” with its scene-setting audio recordings, but overall this is just fierce, hard-hitting metal.

There’s simply no let-up in pace with each song tearing itself up with incessant blast beats and heavily distorted guitars. Yet, despite this it’s still full of rhythm and decent tunes. Chaos with just the right edge of order to make it more than just background music.

If the faster and heavier side of things gets the black blood flowing through your veins when give Purified Through Devastation a shot. You can get it through Non-Serviam Records’ website or, if you’re quick, get one of fifty copies signed by the band via their BigCartel page.

Check out “Enblightened” with its staccato opening riffs below, or stream the entire thing on SoundCloud.

Against the Plagues: facebook | myspace | reverbnation | bigcartel

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