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Review: Dementia 13 – Ways of Enclosure

Ways of EnclosureReleased on Halloween, Ways of Enclosure is the new release from Portuguese horror-influenced death metal act Dementia 13. It follows on from a debut EP released a couple of years ago and is the first full album from the band.

Each song on the album pays homage to a classic piece of cult horror cinema, while the style of the music is very much influenced by stalwarts of the genre: Massacre, Death, Benediction and more. It was the simple lyric video for “Room 36” (based on Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond) which grabbed my attention and made me decide to give the whole album a shot and I wasn’t disappointed.

Several of the tracks begin with a small sample from the film in question which helps set the scene and adds to the atmosphere of what is a decidedly creepy and heavy album. This is death metal at the Cannibal Corpse end of the scale – grisly, bassy, slow and heavy. Vocals are guttural and understandable with some great, pounding drum work which batters its way through tracks like a psycho wielding a baseball bat in a room full of screaming students trying to get through a locked fire escape.

There are few squealing guitar solos, instead the tones are more of a grinding churn. Rhythmic and disturbing or crushing rather than ear-splitting. Spinning chainsaw blades rather than knitting needles through the eardrum. You get the idea.

One tracks that stands out is the instrumental “Halloween”, a near cover version of John Carpenter’s own theme from the film of the same name. It’s very much a new version, not just a quick adaptation and shows that the band have a genuine affection for the source material. This isn’t done to ride on the back of the slasher movies, but a way of celebrating them with a new, modern soundtrack.

Even on its own merit, this would be a hell of an album. Adding in the cinema references and you have a something that bit more special. The songs are well written, very well produced and incredibly easy to bang your head (or someone else’s) to. The videos for them just all happen to have been filmed 30+ years ago by well known horror directors…

You can find ordering details via the band’s official page and I gather a full stream will be online shortly.


  1. Beyond the Grave – inspired on Brian Yuzna’s “Return of the Living Dead III” (1993)
  2. Orgy of Bloodshed – inspired on Lamberto Bava’s “Demons” (1985)
  3. Room 36 – inspired on Lucio Fulci’s “The Beyond” (1981)
  4. They Never Found His Body – inspired on Tony Maylam’s “The Burning” (1981)
  5. Only Whores Die Young – inspired on Amy Holden Jones’ “The Slumber Party Massacre” (1982)
  6. Halloween – inspired on John Carpenter’s “Halloween” (1978) main theme
  7. Conceived in Violence – inspired on Norman J. Warren’s “Inseminoid” (1981)
  8. Nothing in the Dark – inspired on Lamont Johnson’s “Nothing in the Dark” (1962) from “Twilight Zone”
  9. Dawn of Chaos – inspired on Umberto Lenzi’s “Nightmare City” (1980)

Ways of Enclosure was released on October 31st through Memento Mori

Dementia 13: official | facebook | twitter | google+ | soundcloud | bandcamp | myspace | youtube

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