Review: Vreid – Sόlverv

Vreid - SolvervThe Norwegians have returned with their seventh full length album, following up their 2013 effort Welcome Farewell. With Sόlverv, the band have stuck to their guns creating another superb melodic black metal album, complete with beautiful melodies and harmonies. Dark, powerful and angry vocals complete the album.

The first track on the album, “Haust”, starts off with atmospheric melodies and drums which speed up as the track plays on, with the introduction of dark and evil sounding vocals mixed with thundering growls. Complete with an almost Gothic-like breakdown which gives the song more depth, a current theme that runs through the album. If this song does not get you going, you are clearly doing it wrong!

As the album progresses, more melodic fuelled black metal follows through. Those deep, dark and powerful vocals mix with the fury of the guitars and drums. This is notable especially in the song Ǽtti Sitt Jfedl where the heaviness of the drums meets the melody of the guitars in perfect harmony, with the flawless mixture of the vocals,giving the song more depth. The song also features a clean-singing chorus, which overall makes a beautiful contrast.

The last track on the album is “Fridom Med Daudens Lang”/ This has an interesting start using heavy church bells, and a WWII siren. But soon follows a beautiful Gothic-like melody which infuses brilliantly with the drums and guitars. As the drums and guitars pick up in speed, the vocals kick in giving the song more beauty and power. It can only be described as a beautiful ending to a perfect album with no faults whatsoever.

So, yeah… I liked it!

Sόlverv is out today (October 9th) through Indie Recordings.

Vreid: official | facebook | twitter | youtube

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