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GIK Acoustics - Europe
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Review: Iron Bastards – Boogie Woogie Violence

Iron Bastards - Boogie Woogie ViolenceSo I got another album in for review and, as ever, I had to point out that we get so much stuff to review that I can’t guarantee being able to feature it. Then I listened to a track or two and put it to the top of the list…

Iron Bastards are a French band, based in the rather lovely city of Strasbourg. They’re a new act with a wonderful old-fashioned sound. They describe themselves as playing “fast rock’n’roll” and given their similarity to Motorhead, who famously play regular-speed “rock and roll”, it’s the perfect label.

This is metal at its most delightfully raw. David Bour’s throaty vocals come across like an accented Lemmy, while the driving guitars from David Semler and Anthony Meyer’s drums keep up the pace through each track.

I know I’ve mentioned Motorhead as an obvious influence, but I’m not saying that Iron Bastard are a poor, unimaginative knock-off. Hell, no. In the same way that Airbourne are this generation’s AC/DC, Iron Bastard have have taken a familiar sound and added their own edge to it, hopefully to carry it on for future years.

Every track on Boogie Woogie Violence is catchy from the first note through to the last. None is overly long, there’s a lovely feeling of it being slightly “over the top” (particularly with songs like “Pancho Villa”), and the entire eighteen songs (including live bonus tracks) just fly by.

One warning – don’t play it while driving the car. You just can’t help wanting to roll the window down and push the accelerator just a little further than you ought to…

Boogie Woogie Violence is out now and can be streamed via Bandcamp, or purchased physically through Black n’ Purple Records

Iron Bastards: officialfacebook | bandcamp | youtube

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