Review: Autumn Electric – Star Being Earth Child

Autumn Electric is a Seattle based band swimming in the waters of folky progressive rock. The band has been releasing albumsStar Being Earth Child actively since 2008 and the release of debut Very Soon the Light. Since then, what is easy to notice with the fifth album Star Being Earth Child is an incredible improvement and change in the band’s sound. It could be said that the band makes progress with each new album, and that they will never stop improving.

2015 brings the release of Star Being Earth Child, and compared to everything the band has done before, the new record is the most complex and mature release, an album that could be described as a magnum opus of Autumn Electric’s career so far.

Star Being Earth Child is divided into twelve songs of calming nature. As the time passes, the album reveals its warmness, and it’s taking you on an adventure made from “sunny” soundscapes. The sound of keyboards is falling into place and together with guitars, saxophone and flute it makes a perfect background to tell the story, which is based around an alien who visits Earth and becomes friends with a child. The album concept is imagined as a “rock opera,” what makes it more exciting as there is a theatrical side that waits to be revealed.

The sound reminiscent of R.E.M. and Muse perhaps hints about the influences that in some way inspired Star Being Earth Child. Autumn Electric is a band that evolves constantly, and it’s a shame that they do not have much bigger following, but with this approach and determination, a wider recognition is on the verge.

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