Review: Pentagram – Curious Volume

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AmyPentagram are back with a new full-length album after 2011’s Last Rites. Formed back in 1971 the band have been labelled as one of the forefathers of the doom metal genre.

The Curious Volume starts with the song “Dead Bury Dead” where influences of Cathedral can be heard. Throughout the album wailing guitars and heavy drumming predominate, with a mixture of slow and quick riffs which provide the album with harmony. There are even influences of Black Sabbath riffs within the song “Earth Flight”.

This album takes the doom metal genre back to its roots, especially with the use of fuzzy guitar effects which can be heard in the song “Curious Volume”. The final track on the album “Because I Made It” allows melodic riffs to harmonise with heavier ones to create a mixture of heavy doom with a melodic harmony. The song then fades out, leaving the listener wanting more.

“Because I Made It” wraps up the album beautifully and once again Pentagram do not fail to deliver.

Curious Volume is out on August 28th through Peaceville.

Pentagram: official | facebook

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