Review: Lucifer – Lucifer I

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AoifeLucifer was formed from the ashes of the Oath, including ex-members of Cathedral and Angel Witch back in 2014. The band have released two singles this year and now have released their debut album Lucifer I.

Listening to the band it is clear to see that the inspiration behind them lies with other acts such as Blue Oyster Cult, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The whole 48 minute album is filled with occult themes, with lyrics such as: “Take me to the Sabbath/Take me to the church/To the Holy Shrine of our words”.

The album is also filled with catchy riffs especially in the songs “Izrael” and “Sabbath”. An incredible debut album from the band – we can only wait eagerly for the next project.

Lucifer I is on release now.

Lucifer: facebook | twitter | instagram

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