Review: Future Talk – The Path That Sadness Paved

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Probably not a band that most of you will have heard of, Future Talk release their debut EP The Path That Sadness Paved on August 24th.

The band fit in to the catchall “alternative rock” bracket, being easy to listen to but with a wealth of obvious influences. There’s a touch of the “post”s, even an edge of prog with some odd time changes here and there, with perhaps just a smidge of emo lending a maudlin quality to some of the lyrics.

Having said that, it’s not a downbeat collection of songs, despite the EP’s title. The production is good and the sound is very atmospheric and orchestral – “big”, if you like. It’s the sort of thing that’s best served through decent headphones from which it just surrounds you.

Opener “Sleeping Pills” was chosen as the lead song and video (check it out below) and it’s a corker. Alex Taylor’s vocals express an impressive range of emotions throughout, soaring through the catchy chorus. Guitars are provided by Jay McQuilkin and Jack Cadenhead, the two twisting around each other while Mitch Potts keeps the lower end in touch on the bass. Max Elderfield’s drumming is simple and reliable – no showboating on this song, just doing all that’s required to hold everything together.

“Shadow Poet” is a generally gentler affair with a slow entrance which leads into a driving song. Max’s drums encourage the foot to tap while the guitars wrap Alex’s vocals up and emphasise them.

Third song, “The Cliffs As A Reminder” is a more upbeat song from the get go. It’s the kind of track which you can imagine being sung live along with plenty of hand motion and acting. Lyrically it just sounds like it comes from experience.

Finally we have “Fear Life” which is probably the track on the album least like the others. It gives the guys a chance to put over a very different sound, for half the track at least, between flurries of noise and emotion, and then ending with a huge climax.

While not quite being my kind of thing, Future Talk impressed me and I’ve given the EP a good few spins now. “Sleeping Pills”, in particular, has stuck in my head but the others aren’t far behind. If you’re into this style of music then you’d be doing yourself a favour to check out the other tracks when they’re released.

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