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Review: Barbarian Fist – The Whorelord Cometh

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Click for bigness

With a little bit of time to fill, I dug into the “outstanding” pile and plucked out this hair-covered, muscle-bound offering. Barbarian Fist hail from Norway and and are here to… well, help you chill out a bit to some good, fuzzy, head-nodding tunes.

The Whorelord Cometh is a four-track EP, but given that those four tracks average ten minutes apiece, you’re getting decent value for your blood-stained gold coins.

This is a heavy record. The down-tuning and rumbling bass take us close to sludge territory, but the song-writing is more like Black Sabbath. It’s a good combination and makes for something that’s both crushing, yet catchy. It’s not something you’d get up and dance to, unless you’re the kind of person that dances by shuffling from foot to foot like a restless orc, but you can certainly let the old noggin rock back and forth in rhythm.

The titular opener has several changes of pace, but never quite gets beyond “stagger quickly for a brief moment” which is all find and good for this style of music. Amazingly, given its ponderous lack of urgency and 9:35 running length, it doesn’t seem to last too long. Only a small amount of the track has lyrics, the vast majority being instrumental, but it’s good instrumental. Riffs repeat, but not too many times; individual sections flow into one another smoothly and we welcome the coming Whorelord with open arms.

With the other tracks bearing names such as “No Brakes on the Rape Train”, “Wargasm” and “Bear Destroyer” it’s obvious that the band aren’t taking things too seriously. However, this doesn’t extend to their musicianship which – though heavily distorted – is damn good. Only a three-piece, they produce a sound big enough for twice that many members and know how to put together a catchy collection of notes.

I actually started this review off after the first listen thinking “this is good, but I’d probably not like them live”, but after a few repeats I’m now very much of the opinion that I was wrong. The long, discordant intro to “No Brakes…” drops into a great thumping drum beat (after almost four minutes) and would be something to behold live. My foot’s tapping to it as I type this up.

For fans of stoner rock – highly recommended. If you like old-school rock then I’d also say it’s worth a listen. You might be pleasantly surprised at this new world of music that’s out there.

Now crush your enemies, see them driven before you… and hear the lamentation of their women!

The Whorelord Cometh is out now on vinyl and digital formats. Both are available via Bandcamp.

Barbarian Fist: facebook | bandcamp

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