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Right To Rise is the second album from Detroit’s Wilson, following on from the somewhat less subtly-titled Full Blast Fuckery. As the name of the earlier release may indicate, this isn’t a band that relies on ballads or catchy pop numbers to earn their keep.

The twelve tracks on offer here really are going to rock your socks off. Assuming you wear socks. If you don’t, go any buy some and pop them on so that they can be rocked off. It would be a shame not to.

The opener, “Right To Rise” is a powerful, hook filled heavy rock anthem and it sets the stage for all which is to follow. Loud, proud and unashamed it’s a song to pump your fist in the air to. With it’s slow intro, “Guilty” lets you think you’re going to get a rest before the main part hits like a very rhythmical express train.

“Crave” is a study in foot-stomping, while “Windows Down!” begs you to jump into the car and crank the stereo up loud to take advantage of the good weather. Hell, if you’ve got a monster truck then use that instead and crush everything else that gets in your way. This album will be doing something similar…

The breakneck pace and chugging rhythm of “All My Friends” has already made it a popular track based on a little read around the internet, and it deserves the plaudits. For me, though, “Satisfy Me” is a more complete track with a wonderful southern/groove feel to it before launching into what seems to be a trademark of Wilson’s – a catchy chorus.

“The Flood” offers a very big change in pace with the kind of opening you just know was written for the live show. This is a slow track, but don’t think that translates as ballad. Not unless your idea of a ballad involves standing underneath a wrecking ball and trying to hold it above your head. This shit is heavy.

The lack of pace is more than made of for with the thrashing introduction to “Hang With The Devil” which evokes memories of Zodiac Mindwarp at his best. “I am The Fly” is probably the most “different” track on the album. A slow, acoustic intro and a slow and steady main song make for something that stands out from the crowd. Again, though, it’s instantly recognisable as being Wilson and it deserves its spot on the CD.

“Give ‘Em Hell” has been kicking about on facebook for a couple of weeks and it was a deserved choice of first single with a wealth of catchy flurries, a “Wo-oh-ah-oh” chorus and angry lyrics. If your head isn’t nodding by the end of this one then loosen your neck brace.

As we hit the final stretch, “Waiting For The World To Cave In” calms us down somewhat with a more generic hard rock tone before the final track – and possibly the heaviest on the album – is slapped across your face. “Before I Burn” rounds off a very strong collection of songs which very much deserve to be checked out.

Listening to Right To Rise, you can’t help imagining these songs live. Those who caught the band on tour with Halestorm recently may have heard one or two of them, but with the release of the album (which came out last week) Wilson have given themselves another nice pot to dip into. Roll on their next visit to the UK!

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