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Review: Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – Party Adjacent

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MarkWhen listening to Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room’s fresh new solo record Party Adjacent, you will begin to realise that there is hurt and a sense of longing bubbling under the weight of a series of compelling riffs. The record is different from the Alkaline Trio bassist’s last solo opus Hurricane Season. It differs and there is more progression, more of a bruised and hearty sound.

The progressive guitar parts add more bite and diversity complete with Adriano’s harrowing vocals. He sings with soul and authority, bellowing out lyrics that centre on pessimism and hardship. He’s not one for keeping things concealed; he’s a singer/songwriter with a plan of action and enough material in his talented head to write endlessly.

Music aids us and Andriano would drink if it was liquidised. He would run a marathon if the only microphone in the world was at the finish line. He wants to let the world know his thoughts and predicaments, and on Party Adjacent he fights the flurry and comes out the other side battle-hard and raring to compel.

Party Adjacent offers a real stability of lyrical content that will enthral and shock, and on first track “Pretty Teeth”, he has poured his soul. The distorted guitar begs for his voice and it gets its wish. Andriano has never sounded so good, god like and gracious. The drumbeat then thumps like a palpitating heart.

“Eye Contact” has more of a rock vibe, an element of surprise. Andriano sings as the guitars and drums morph into something special. The special part is when the little solo sparks into life. “Haunt Your House” begins with a simple riff that elevates into a more technical piece of music. Lyrically it serves as a pessimistic melody and Andriano sings about being tired.

Dan Andriano serves up another album of emotive tracks. Backed by a talented band, he runs wild and gives all he has.

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