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Review: BlackFireRising – Let’s Be Enemies

RossBlack Fire Rising - Let's Be EnemiesIntroductions to bands aren’t unlike introductions to people. Sometimes it goes badly, other times it’s shaky before getting on the right track. And if you’re lucky, there may be times when you get it right from the start. That’s where BlackFireRising come in with their new EP, Let’s Be Enemies.

Full of crunching riffs and chunky bass lines, coupled with sneering, snarling vocals, it reminds me of earlier Foo Fighters or Velvet Revolver (though chances are frontman Yiaggi isn’t a wreck on stage). Sombre at moments before taking on an almost guttural edge to it, Yiaggi’s voice is hauntingly similar to Scott Weiland’s. With the march of “Citizen” and its pulsing bass and squealing guitar, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was an unreleased Velvet Revolver track.

This is a lesson on how to do an EP from an up and coming band. Keep the songs long enough to satisfy yet short enough to make you want more.

As guitars grind and wail, there’s a certain gritty edge to them which makes the melody shine. It’s nothing which hasn’t been done before but it has got an undeniable appeal to it. One which people can get behind just on the basis of how raw it sounds.

Meanwhile drums (performed by Alex) have the urgency of Taylor Hawkins and Dave Grohl during his Nirvana days. There’s a similar finesse on display, knowing when to push and when to hold back, creating some dramatic breakdowns. It locks in with the thick hum of Yahla’s bass guitar. There’s a liberal helping of bass here, it’s so heavy it’s almost tangible. Well-mixed, Let’s Be Enemies doesn’t leave any of the trio in the dark.

BlackFireRising have something special on their hands here. It’s a perfect introduction to a brilliant, well-oiled band. Now I only have one question. Where can I get a copy for myself?

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