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Quick Reviews – Saboter and Sanctrum

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Due to the huge pile of albums we have here which need reviewed, here are the first of a couple of “mini-reviews” just to ensure that some of these great releases get at least a few words!

First up is Saboter with their self-titled 5-track release. It was released through Witches Brew in January and is a cracking classic heavy metal release – with the emphasis on “heavy”. Designed to be played somewhere where the bass will annoy the neighbours, Saboter plough through five tracks of dark old-school metal with wonderful thumping beats.

It’s not complex stuff, but it’s harkens back wonderfully well to the eighties and nineties, down to the slight echo on the vocals. Sort of like Coven, but less thrashy and with the bass turned up. There are some great widdly solos in there as well – “Inner Peace” is littered with them, being instrumental – and the overall feel is of a very angry Judas Priest. Tracks such as the excellent “The Ritual” manage to be both extremely heavy yet very tuneful at the same time. Definitely a difficult mixture to get right.

You can find more info about Saboter on their facebook page and you can check out the opening track “Eye of Terror” below:

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Sanctrum are a slightly different kettle of evil, snapping fish. Rot is their second album, following on from 2008’s In Harm’s Way. Due out on June 15th, I’ve caught this one just before release!

What we have here are ten tracks of a vicious hardcore/thrash blend. If you aren’t annoyed with something when you start listening to it, you certainly will be by the time the final notes of “On Justice” fade away.

There are some great tracks on here, of which I’d probably pick “Machines” as my favourite. The high-end guitar refrain above the harsh, venomous lyrics just works so well.

Keep an eye on their facebook page for further updates, but you can listen to an album preview below to get an idea of how energetic this ferocious Swedish band can be. I suspect it will be available on bandcamp when it’s released.


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