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Do - DenDö first dirtied our doorstep a few months back when they featured as “Band of the Day” with their untitled debut EP. Well, they’re back with a slightly longer release this time clocking in at a whopping four songs!

In fairness, the shortest of those is six minutes and they extend up to over eight so you’re getting a good listen for your download time. Den came out in January and it’s just taken me ages to get round to writing something about it (can I help it we’re so popular we get a staggering number of released each day to review?), so my apologies to Dö for that.

Compared to “unnamed debut EP”, the sound seems a little cleaner and better produced. Maybe that’s just me but I did just give it a listen before putting Den on. To me, this is an improvement though I appreciate some people may prefer the marginally dirtier sound of the original. I also think the songs are that bit better as well. Whereas “debut EP” was very slow and heavy, it just lacked a little something. Den introduces some of the slowest catchy riffs I’ve ever heard.

“Frostbites” is a good example with what would be, in a faster track, a great little hook at the beginning. Mind you, opener “For The Worms” starts unusually with an acoustic guitar which gradually gives over to the more traditional head-pounding electrical instruments.

I don’t normally go for the ridiculously slow doom stuff, but Dö seem to be one of those nice rule-breaking exceptions that it’s such a pleasure to encounter occasionally.

As with the last release, Den is available for a “pay what you want” amount via BandCamp.

Dö: officialfacebook | twitter | youtubebandcamp

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