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Review: Caustic Method – The Virus

Caustic Method - The Virus

MoshSometimes I sit down to write a review and realise that I’m worn out and the words just aren’t quite going to flow how I’d like them to. This, infuriatingly, is one of those times. Infuriating as the album I’m writing about is a brilliant release and I want to make sure that as many people as possible know about it.

Caustic Method are a four-piece from New York State and they’s been together about a decade. The Virus, due out on June 2nd, is their first full release following on from a similarly-titled EP last year. Indeed all five tracks on that release are present on this one along with five more.

Soundwise, they’re unrelenting and heavy. Offhand I’d liken them to something like Cavalera Conspiracy laced with Hatebreed – hard, crushing and yet rhythmical and almost bouncy in parts. They’re definitely not the kind of band to sing about unicorns unless it’s how much they’d like to rip them apart and watch people cry over their rainbow-leaking corpses.

The video below is for the title track and it’s fairly representative of what you can expect, though it’s one of the simpler tracks. Others have some nice, calm breaks within or neat rhythmical changes which let you give yourself a rest before you start bouncing up and down and scaring the fuck out of the venue owner as he’s convinced the floor will cave in as a result (“Left To Die Alone”, I’m looking at you).

Basically, given that I’m still recovering from illness and have spent the day with my two youngest kids (who are utterly amazing, but hyper), I just don’t think I can do this album justice. Check their social media links out and have a listen to the new material as it appears (they released “Six Feet” the other day – enjoy). If you like it, then do yourself and the band a favour – grab a copy of The Virus on Tuesday or pre-order it now.

Caustic Method: official | facebook | youtube

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