Review: Cambion – Virus EP (extended edition)

Cambion - Virus

MoshReleased last Monday, 20th April, Devon’s Cambion bunged a couple of new tracks onto their existing Virus EP and threw it back out for public consumption. And consume you should if you like a bit of progressive death.

Virus is best listened to with decent speakers or headphone. The bass reverberates hugely, giving the whole album (it’s too long to just be an EP now) a gorgeous meaty feel. Each thumping note sounds like Stallone punching a dead cow hanging from a meathook. If you want a sample, listen to “Mechanics of Extinction” below (warning: features boobs and blood).

The opening six tracks (“Outbreak”, “Infection”, interlude, “Death”, “Afterlife”, “Resurrection”) form the original EP and obviously follow a theme and a journey. They all have a very distinct sound of which Cambion can be justly proud.

The final two tracks, “Mechanics of Extinction” and “Heterodox” have been added to give fans an idea of the direction in which the band are going now. If I had to sum it up in a word, I’d say “heavier”. The huge bass-led hooks are still there, but – holy fucking shit – does “Heterodox” do its best to tear you a new one or what? If the next EP/album is based on this level of ferocity then I fear for the world’s safe future.

With only two extra tracks, it might not be worth a re-purchase for fans who’ve already got the original release though they’re both damn good. For anyone else, this is well worth your time if this is a genre that appeals. Check out the video below and make your choice.

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May 19, 2015 12:47 AM

[…]  Technical progressive metal quartet CAMBION released their new single Mechanics Of Extinction last month. You can read our review of the EP Virus here.  […]