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Review: Agnostic Front -The American Dream Died

Agnostic Front - The American Dream DiedMarkThe new record from New York punks Agnostic Front is remarkable in the way that it sinks straight first into a ferocious attitude. The pioneers force their points, passing passion and grace through a high-pitched, fast-paced sound. They’ve always managed to create political masterstrokes, blending together their thoughts and feelings into a cocktail of flair.

The American Dream Died is the name of the new record. Yes it’s a pessimistic title, but these punks know that their dear Country is always under scrutiny and bathed in damage. But, Agnostic Front tries to plough hope into their music, crafting sounds to counter the state of shock. Their products have always had that heavy grind, that explosive tenacity.

Political urgency is a mainstay in the bands make-up, drafted in there to keep the hearts and minds alert. The band delve into new pastures and build new ideas, these often involve that political stance, but the act know fully the extent of appreciation they’ve received for putting out music they believe in, music that is sourced from intelligent punk rockers that have been around for a long time. Agnostic Front is truly the fundamentalists of a genre that isn’t fully understood.

The American Dream Died begins with an intro that very clear cut and educational. Then in comes the title track like a missile aimed at a stack of grenades. The American Dream Died is a fast paced piece of punk magic. The quick fired vocals and volatile guitar mixes well with the poetry that pelted at the swollen system. “Only In America” takes the same road, if it was were human, it would follow the rattling punk order. The guitar parts are extremely fast. It’s what we expect from Agnostic Front.

“Social Justice” is a track that begins with a perfected intro. Then the roughness of the guitars batter on. Punk is here, here to stay. The poetry is once again perfected, and it will row in the writing enthusiasts. There is a little solo too that keeps the pace of the song alive. “A Wise Man” boats a different, slower intro. Then the guitar builds up the tension. The song is emotive and unique, like a ballad somewhat, or a message to the world.

The American Dream Died is an accomplished record, full of rage, emotion and attitude. The band places all their experiences into the album, never diluting what they think or feel. They have to be applauded!

The American Dread Died was released on April 6th through Nuclear Blast

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