Review: SixStringNoise – Snake Skin Brotherhood

SixStringNoise - Snake Skin Brotherhood

[avatar user=”Mosh” size=”50″ align=”left” /]A new band on me, but back with what I discover is their third release, SixStringNoise are an alt/heavy duo from Athens featuring Markos on everything but drums and Alex on… erm… well, drums. Snake Skin Brotherhood was produced and recorded by Markos in their own studio, too.

Despite the obvious “home-grown” approach, this isn’t a poorly-produced recording with a little bit of promise hidden under layers of bad hass and excessive reverb. It’s a fine album, well recorded and with some good songs on board.

I no particular order, “Around My Head” has a driving chorus and and catchy main riff with more than a little feel of Alter Bridge about it. “Bridged Burned Down” runs with a country rock feel to it, I think mainly down to Markos’ accent. I’m assuming he’s Greek but his singing voice makes me think of the Deep South!

“Hiatus” has gentle beginnings, but quickly hammers home its own heavier groove and is actually quite a dark piece. “Drown In Me” (along with “Bloom”) is one of two slow songs on the album and the closest thing to a rock ballad without getting too gentle. It’s still got a thumping rhythm and distorted guitar, but is twisted up with some nice clean leads and an airy feel in places. “Bloom” is a multi-vocal floating piece that is very different from anything else on the album – but between the two tracks, “Drown In Me” is the runaway winner for me.

I’ve mentioned them before in this review, but the band that keep floating into my head when I listen to Snake Skin Brotherhood is Alter Bridge. Seriously, there can’t be much higher praise than to be compared to one of the biggest arena bands going. While not quite at their heights, the ease with which Markos and Alex kick out catchy tracks that you find yourself singing along to after only a couple of listens is impressive.

A genuinely impressive recording and one I’ll be recommending to my AB-loving friends in particular.

Snake Skin Brotherhood is out on March 9th

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