Review: Implode – A Syndicate – I of Everything, Chapter 3

Implode have been releasing an album via a series of EP’s. This release marks the third release in the I of Everything series .

Production wise, it’s the usual metal mix with everything being audible and the vocals cutting through everything. It’s a good mix, but there’s no real contrast between loud and quiet sections. Not that there’s many quiet sections though.

Implode A Manifest Chap 3

Opening the EP is the song “A Manifest”. A thrashing melodic song with superior riffing and vocals that you can actually understand, it makes for an enjoyable listen.

“Pushing For Solitude” then plays and takes a slightly different approach. It still features some of the melodic parts present in the previous track, but this one has more of thrash feel to it. It makes for a nice contrast from the previous track and is probably my favorite track of the EP.

The final track of the EP, “Grail of Rust” then plays and follows a similar theme to the first song. It’s possibly a tad quicker, but it’s not that obvious. Once again featuring fast guitars delivering technical but melodic riffs, it makes for a fun listen.

I’m not sure whether it’s intentional, but the music bears a striking resemblance to certain songs by The Black Dahlia Murder. The vocal style is completely different though, and that’s what I like about it. Don’t get me wrong, Black Dahlia are a great band. But I’m not a fan of the high-pitched screams.

In terms of recommendation, fans of newer Revocation and older Black Dahlia should check this out. I personally quiet enjoyed it, but it depends whether you prefer low or high-pitched harsh vocals.

A Syndicate – I of Everything, Chapter 3 comes out on the 24th March via Cramada Records.

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