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Review: Impellitteri – Venom

Impellitteri - Venom

MoshDoing what I do when I have a little spare time in the evening – clicking on random songs in the (huge) “albums for review” collection to see if anything jumps out. This one did.

Apparently, when Venom was being written, Impellitteri “wanted to create music that would take the listener on a musical journey through different time periods of metal and rock.” Their aim was to write an album that would appeal to as wide a spectrum of the listening rock/metal audience as possible. Let me tell you, they’ve done a damn fine job.

With tracks ranging from the blisteringly speed-metal influenced “Domino Theory” to the more anthemic and traditional metal sound of “We Own The Night”, there’s nothing but variety across these ten songs. If you want slow and heavy, head for the mid-section of “Rise”. Then there’s the lovely baroque feeling of opener and title track “Venom” – a superb introduction to the album that hits you like a gauntlet in the face.

On the whole, the album is pretty fast-paced and unrelenting. It’s the styles around the driving drumbeats that make each track stand out. Layered vocals give a great feeling of depth, and guitars flurry and shred with manic abandon to break up the verse/chorus pattern.

Venom simply comes across as an album that was fun to make. It’s certainly fun to listen to and definitely worth checking out. Top tracks – “Venom”, “Empire of Lies” and “We Own The Night”.

Venom is released on April 17th through Frontiers Music.

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