Review: Bulletproof Rose – Loud Hard And Fast

Bulletproof Rose - Loud Hard And FastRossFour guys are sitting in the pub, discussing the best hard rock band. One suggests AC/DC, someone else says Motley Crue, another puts forward Guns N’ Roses while the last one goes for the modern angle and says Airbourne. This develops into a heated debate until they try to drown each other out, championing their choices.

And that’s pretty much what Loud Hard And Fast, the debut EP from Bulletproof Rose sounds like. Those four bands thrown together, taking their best elements and making one cohesive package; the gutsiness of Airbourne, the sleaze of Motley Crue and the sneering confidence of early Guns N’ Roses.

Title track “Loud Hard Fast” does exactly what it says on the tin; my favourite kind of rock and roll. The dual guitars of Jacob Siddle (also on vocals) and Brian Robinson manage to weave alongside each other to give a punk edge to the hard rock vibe. It’s not completely balls out yet, they’re only just easing you in. Siddle’s staccato vocals also underline the punk vibe on the song – sharp, immediate, nothing fancy added because it’s not needed.

And as the EP progresses, it’s obvious Bulletproof Rose are sure of their sound, not deviating much from their blueprint to make a consistent debut. Between Dane Riach on bass guitar and Dan Wallace, they make an effective rhythm section for the melodies to hang on, driving the songs forward without stepping on toes. As for guitars, it’s clear to see both of the six-string players are fans of Slash, if you know your early Guns and later Snakepit; you’re in for a treat.

For me, the standout track was “Bang Your Head” because musically, it could have appeared on my all-time favourite album, Appetite for Destruction. The twin riffs, solos and simple yet brilliant drumming makes me think I’m fifteen years old again, hearing that seminal album for the first time.

Loud Hard And Fast is a great introduction to a band who have clearly spent time honing their craft to create an EP which backs up the claims of its name. Bulletproof Rose, nice to meet you.

Loud Hard And Fast is out on April 27th

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