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Review: When Reasons Collapse – Dark Passengers

When Reasons Collapse - Dark Passengers

MoshFeatured as a Band of the Day back in 2013, I’m very happy to announce that French band When Reasons Collapse have just released their debut album. Julien from the band dropped me a message to let me know it was out, and where to find it (details below).

WRC are a female fronted “Metalcore/Deathcore/Death melo” act, and they produced a heavy enough sound for me to be impressed 18 months ago. How have them done in extending this to a full album?

Very, very well indeed. Kicking you in the teeth right from the start is 45-second long opener “All Roads Lead To Chaos”. Incredilbly fast and heavy, it sets the tone for what’s to come.

“No Time For Regrets” is metalcore with all the drive and energy of Machine Head, the vocal stylings of Heart of a Coward and the pummelling bass of Conan. OK, not quite the last one, but the low notes really are emphasised in the mix making this a great “rumbler” for pissing off the neighbours.

Guitar flurries abound throughout this track and others, as well as some utterly kick-ass segments that just seem custom-written to get a pit either bouncing up and down or into each other. “Breaking the Silence” is the perfect example with everything from air-guitar-worthy string hammering to sequences that just beg you to start a circle pit.

Dark Passengers is an album that begs to be listened to loud, or even better in a live setting.

Picks for me are the title track and “Breaking the Silence”.

You can stream the album via Spotify and Deezer (below), or through VS Webzine’s interview article. If you want a physical copy, go to their Big Cartel store – it’s only €8.

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