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Review: The Voynich Code – Ignotum

The Voynich Code - IgnotumIntroducing themselves to the world with their debut EP Ignotum, The Voynich Code hail from Portugal. They throw down a heady blend of groove, chug and melody and – despite only forming in early 2014 – have produced a pretty impressive signature release.

Ignotum, out on January 30th via bandcamp and probably other places, is six tracks of something akin to deathcore, but with a slight experimental twist.

Each track is full of fury and death-style vocals. There’s the usual twangy-yet-crunchy guitar and bass noise you expect from the “-core” genres, but also an extra layer of atmospheric sounds and widdly guitar solos. The Voynich Code also tread slightly into the realm of prog with some interesting rhythmic changes which catch you by surprise.

The grinding beats lend themselves well to some serious headbanging while the flurries of lead guitar are frequent and short rather than appearing at the same point in every track to be used as a bridge. Certainly, the band have taken a wide range of sounds and crammed them into one small  spiked container, added some lead shot for weight and razors for sharpness, stirred violently and thrust it into the producers’ hands with a warning that it’s soon to explode.

Lead track “Antithesis” pretty much throws everything that TVC have at you – give it a listen below.

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